What should I look for when picking out bath towels for my baby?


Baby skin is incredibly unique and sensitive. Why?

The environment in the womb is so vastly different from life on the outside.

Once a baby is born the baby’s skin structure, composition and function begin to adapt to its new surroundings. Even though the baby’s skin barrier initially differs from the adult skin barrier, at birth, it is still completely competent. Your sweet baby’s skin is just a bit more sensitive than yours and therefore requires just a little bit more attention. This includes picking out skin care products such as lotion and sunscreen. It’s important to think about everything that’s coming in contact you’re your baby’s skin, even when picking things like clothes and towels for your baby.

Towels are a necessity. Whether you’re bathing your baby or headed for a swim. You’re going to want to choose a towel that dries well but is gentle and non-toxic for soft baby skin. Many towels are made with genetically modified cotton. This cotton is grown with glyphosate, which sticks around in the finished towel product. Other common chemicals used are chlorine bleach and formaldehyde, there are many more but these three top the list. None of these are considered safe and yet we’re, probably innocently, rubbing down our birthday suits with them every day. It’s important to pick out a towel for your baby that this free of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals, since baby skin can be more easily aggravated by them.

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Towels made out of bamboo are a great choice for babies with sensitive skin. Towels made out of bamboo also contain some excellent qualities that most consumers look for when towel shopping.

Are they absorbent?

Yes, bamboo towels are highly absorbent. There’s nothing like “drying” off with a towel and still being wet afterwards. With a bamboo towel, you’re dry easily and more quickly than with a cotton towel, no harsh rubbing involved.

Are they hypoallergenic?

Again, yes, this means that it is far less likely to cause an allergic reaction for your infant than a regular cotton towel.

Are they easy to care for?

Bamboo towels are easy to wash and stand up well to multiple washes. They don’t wrinkle and are naturally resistant to odor, mold, and mildew. Bamboo also has strong antibacterial properties. Studies show that bacteria have a harder time growing on bamboo fabrics than cotton.

Is it soft?

Bamboo fibers are round, making them soft all over. Cotton fibers can vary depending on quality and then how the towel is manufactured. Bamboo towels become softer with each wash without the use of fabric softener—what a win! You don’t have to add skin-irritating chemicals to it for it to remain soft.

Will it break the bank?

If you’re already in the market for high-quality towels that are good for the planet and non-toxic then a bamboo towel will not cost any more than a high-quality organic cotton towel, but it will be softer and hold up better wash after wash.

Is it cute?

Yes, we’re being serious. These towels are adorable. There isn’t a parent in the world (at least who owns a camera) that hasn’t taken a picture of their baby swaddled in a towel after bath time. Of course, your baby will be the star of the picture, but a cute towel is a wonderful addition.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and the body’s first line of defence against harmful germs and toxins. As your baby grows their skin will mature and become better at keeping the bad things out, but it just makes sense to not knowingly expose your baby’s sensitive skin to harsh products when you don’t have to do so. Give them the best start possible by choosing a safe product that won’t irritate their skin. When baby is happy and comfortable, everyone is happy and comfortable!





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