You and your partner have done what needs to be done giving conception your best shot. It is too early to get a definite answer from the pee-on-a-stick pregnancy test but too late for you to wait any longer. And this time you are having a good feeling about it. You want to confirm if what you are feeling is not just all in your head. You want to know if you are pregnant or not RIGHT NOW.

We understand your impatience; we have experienced the same phase ourselves. And so to ease your nerves, we have compiled a list of ten early tell-tale signs that might hint that you are pregnant. As soon as you conceive, different parts of your body start spilling the beans. All you need to do is to listen to the clues dropped every now and then by these blabbermouths. 

1.    Your Breasts Are Not Behaving Themselves At All
Believe me, your breasts are the worst when it comes to keeping a secret. The first thing that conception leads to is hormonal changes in your body. And as soon as that happens, your breasts might start feeling the weirdest feelings of all. They might get sensitive to touch or heavier or itchy or tingly or might feel veiny. The nipples might get sore or darker or bumpier. You might observe these changes as early as a week or two after conception. 


2.    You Might Need to Use Panty Liner for a Day or Two
Slight bleeding which is lighter in colour than your normal period blood is another early sign of pregnancy. A fertilized egg implants itself on the lining of the uterus about a week or two after the fertilization. This biological process causes spotting in around 15-20% of pregnant women.


3.    You Might Wonder, Where is Your Breath Gone
A growing foetus needs oxygen and that means you keep running out of breath. You might feel short of breath while doing something strenuous or it might just be a day-to-day task like brisk walking and or climbing stairs.
As your foetus grows straining your lungs and diaphragm even more, you might feel short of breath all through your pregnancy.


4.    Every Now and Then an Unexpected Tiredness Will Embrace You
Conception is like a ‘Get Set Go’ for your body. The moment your body finds out about the fertilization, it starts working day and night to ensure everything goes according to plan. Your body especially overworks during the first couple of weeks, when it is trying to produce the all-important concoction of hormones for you.
All this effort takes a lot of energy from your body leaving you fatigued, maybe even a little stressed all of a sudden.


5.    Headache Might Occur More Than Usual
Fatigue isn’t the only uncomfortable thing that sudden spurt of hormonal production causes; headache is also one of them. Pregnant females might experience headaches regularly. If popping pills for this headache, it is better to take the one with acetaminophen instead of ibuprofen.


6.    You Will be Saying Good Morning to Nausea
For most pregnant women, morning sickness hits at about 6 weeks of conception. However, some women experience queasy mornings as early as 2-3 week. The nauseous feeling is referred to as morning sickness but can affect you any time of the day. 


7.    You Might be Puzzled by Your Mood Swings
Many pregnant females report uncalled for mood swings during their early pregnancy days. Instances like picking up fight with their partner for a teeny tiny thing or crying uncontrollably while watching a movie start happening too often.


8.    You Will Stop Feeling Embarrassed After Farting
If you are feeling gassy like a balloon, so much so that you are struggling to stop yourself from farting anywhere or everywhere, you might be experiencing another symptom of pregnancy. Who knew being pregnancy means letting go of etiquettes, right? You might experience this flatulence from the very initial weeks of pregnancy all the way till you deliver your baby, and for some women, even after.


9.    Heartburn Might Stop You From Enjoying Meals
You might find a burning sensation in your chest after a meal repeatedly and wonder since did you develop a heartburn. And the answer is that you might have developed heartburn since the time you have conceived.
The heartburn might get worse if you lie down after eating. Sitting upright or standing for some time after a meal is a good practice to follow in such times. We recommend taking an easy stroll for about 5-10 minutes after each meal. And also, antacids are generally safe to take during pregnancy.


10.    Cramps, Bloating, ‘Filled-up’
Being pregnant might mean bidding goodbye to Aunt Flow but there is no escaping the party she brings along. Cramps and bloating are going to stay your worst friends even through pregnancy. Pelvic cramping is quite common in early days of conception when the fertilized egg is trying to implant itself on the uterine wall.


Some of the above signs might be similar to your pre-menstrual or menstrual symptoms, so figuring out if it really is the pregnancy that is causing them can be a tough call. The only way to be sure is to wait till you get to the most obvious sign, the one where you miss your monthly periods. After that, it is just a matter of peeing on the coveted stick, meeting with the doctor you have been researching about for months now and you are all sorted. From our entire mommy brigade here, all the best for your new beginnings.

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