Your little bundle of joy doesn’t have to cost you a bundle of cash.  Check out these 10 money saving tips to see how you can be the frugal mom of your dreams!

1.    Manage the baby gifts as a top priority.

Most stores will return gifts without a receipt but that means you may not get the full price returned. Take that gift receipt and tape it to the item you are going to return. Also, seriously consider the gifts you did get. Do you need it? Do you even like it? Use that potential space waster as a down payment for an item you really do need.


2.    Consider Breastfeeding.

Breastmilk is baby food on tap, for free. Not prep, no mixing, no cost! If you are a working mother or just want to share feeding duties then there will be some costs for pumping supplies. Be sure to contact your insurance company and specifically ask to speak to someone in maternal coverage. Insurance usually covers the cost of a breast pump.  Which takes your cost down to the bottles you would be using for formula but without the cost. If breastfeeding isn't for you then email the company of the formula you use. They will often send you coupons.


3.    Diapers-Cloth diaper that little baby butt.

"Isn't that gross? Washing a poop diaper?" Listen, poopy diapers are poopy diapers. Whatever you use to catch poop will get poop on it.  When you wash yourself in the shower are you still dirty afterwards? No. Same with diapers. You wash them and they are clean just as if you put a normal load of clothes in the wash. If you cloth diaper one child you can save $2,000. If you plan to have more than one child then your savings will be greater.


4.    Do baby led weaning.

This is a double whammy because it saves time and money. Baby led weaning is a way to introduce solid foods to your baby that skips the baby food mush and rice cereals. Which means you skip the extra costs at the grocery store on those tiny glass jars that just clog up your recycling bin. The basic run down is you offer bite size portions of the food you are already cooking for yourself to your baby.


5.    Visit your local library.

Yes, that place that warehouses dusty old books can quickly turn into your financial savior. The library will often have books and toys to play with while you are there. Puzzles that you will have to store after you blink your eyes and your baby is a grown person? Don't buy them. Very specific books on that obnoxious cartoon character that your baby is drawn to? Don't buy them! Treat your library like a delicious food sample plate that you can keep coming back to. 

6.    Beg, borrow, and steal.

Okay, scratch that last part but the first two still are sound advice.  Spread the word to family members and friends that you are in the market to borrow baby items.  Be sure to hit home the fact that you will return the items once your baby has outgrown them.  This will improve your chances of getting free use of their things.  Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly in the early months that this is a huge money saver. 


7.    Shop the sales.

If you can’t borrow any baby necessities then shopping during seasonal sales are your best bet for brand new items.  You’ll need to plan ahead to make sure you avoid any impulse buys.  


8.    Buy end of season clothes for the next year in a size up.

If you want new clothes but don’t want to pay the new prices then planning ahead is going to save you.  Stores will mark end of season clothes down drastically as they try to make more room for next season’s clothes.  This can be a bit of a gamble while babies are growing like weeds but around age one you should be able to snag these deals.


9.    Shop second hand.

 You can easily find clothes at second hand stores or yard sales that look like they have never been worn.  Toys are often sold to consignment shops so you can get items here that you want to use right away at a great price.


10.    DIY. Do it yourself!

Now is the time to get creative.  I know, another thing you have to start doing? It’s a trade of some of your time for having more money.  You can easily create stimulating toys or upcycle your old clothes into new ones for your baby.
Following these tips will help you to spend less money so you can enjoy the time you have with your little one.

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