Being pregnant during the holidays is a special time that many women long to experience. The wonderful memories being made during a Christmas pregnancy simply can’t be beaten. However, there is something that the partner of every pregnant woman needs to realize… you need to be mindful when it comes to gifts. Your pregnant partner does not want anything to remind her of her size, her shape, or looming obligations. Instead, pamper her, inside and out! Read on to find out more about the 10 things your pregnant partner wants for Christmas. 


1. A pregnancy massage.

She may not come out and say it, but every pregnant woman wants, and deserves a prenatal massage. Pregnancy is full of so many aches and pains that just can’t be relieved by a warm bath or shoulder rub. A full session pregnancy massage is the ultimate luxury for a mama-to-be. 


2. A beautiful, flowy nightgown.

When you are pregnant, you don’t generally feel your best. Sleep can be terribly hard to come by, and nothing fits right. Pep up your partner’s night routine with a silky and flowy nightgown. She will feel beautiful and sexy, and maybe even comfortable enough for a good night of rest.


3. A giant full body pillow.

The perfect pairing for that nightgown above. It is nearly impossible to sleep when pregnant. Show your partner how much you care about her rest and well-being. Gift her with the most luxurious, fluffy, comfortable pregnancy pillow you can find. 


4. A fully set up nursery.

Surprise her by putting together that crib that is still collecting dust in the box, buy the rocking chair you know she wants, and paint the walls that perfect shade of sky blue. Prepping the nursery will be such a relief for her, and you can then both rest easy knowing you are ready for the baby to arrive!


5. A week of meals.

Cooking when pregnant isn’t exactly fun. There are the sights and smells of the kitchen, which may not be appetizing to some pregnant women. And all of the on-your-feet activity required to make tasty food day after day can be overwhelming in any trimester. Really pamper your pregnant partner by ordering a week of pre-prepped meals that you know she will enjoy. 


6. A well-planned babymoon.

Take the initiative and plan a surprise trip for a few months before the baby is due. This last chance to relax as a couple is called a babymoon, and everyone woman wants one, but no one wants to plan it themselves. Do some research, book the hotel, and surprise her with an amazing destination gift. 


7. No judgement naps.

A great last minute gift, and maybe something to pair with the nightgown or pillow you are hopefully buying her. Give your pregnant partner time each day to take a nap, without judgement. That might mean watching the other kids when you get home from work or taking over a weekend activity. Pregnant women will love this simple and inexpensive gift. 


8. A spa pedicure.

By 7 months in, your pregnant partner likely can’t even reach her toes. The gift of a fancy pedicure is probably on every woman’s list! Look for the best local salon and order a gift certificate for the nicest pedicure they offer, and make sure she has a solo afternoon away to enjoy it. 


9. Pregnancy and childcare books.

There is nothing better to your pregnant partner than showing you are involved with her pregnancy and excited about the care of your future child. Pick out a few promising pregnancy guides, grab a book on baby care, and read them with her. She will love how involved you are, and know that she can look forward to having a supportive partner after the birth.


10. A pregnancy journal.

These speciality journals are a meaningful way for women to document their thoughts, feelings, and photos during pregnancy. Pick out a journal you know she will love, and offer to fill out the partner related sections with her. 


If all else fails? Ask her what she really desires, and make it happen. Maybe it’s just some time to herself, or one last fancy dinner date before the little one arrives. Pregnancy can be overwhelming on its own, and Christmas is usually a fast-paced whirlwind of buying, wrapping, and partying. Take some time to just slow down and enjoy these precious moments of pregnancy during the holidays.

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