Yes, you have finally reached the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. The stage when you actually feel “pregnant”. People look at you with respect and admiration as you are carrying a life within. You need not have to tell people that you are pregnant as it is quite obvious from your looks. The way you walk and carry yourself all speaks a lot about your pregnancy. 

Though the 3rd trimester of pregnancy brings with it a certain level of discomfort, the happiness you feel both within and outside outweighs all the discomfort. Here are five reasons why your 3rd trimester is awesome. 

1.    You are finally a pregnant lady.
Comes the 3rd trimester, you no longer have to tell people that you are pregnant. It is evident from your looks. And that has its own advantages. You can use the priority seats in public transport without flashing those priority seat cards. If you are to stand in a queue, you will be given special treatment. If you are lucky enough, then complete strangers might help you carry the grocery to your car. In short, people will be generally nicer to you and give you VIP treatment. Make the best use of this. Pregnancy is a phase that comes only twice or thrice in a lifetime and should be considered a blessing.


2.    You will be pampered like never before.

If you are pregnant for the first time, chances are that you will be pampered more during the final trimester. Your husband/boyfriend will be completely at your disposal as they want to satisfy all your cravings. Ask for chocolates and you are sure to get it the next moment. While dining out, friends and family give you preference in ordering dishes. If you are the first in family to get pregnant, then the would-be grandparents are sure to pamper you like never before. Make the best use of this as you require peace of mind and good rest during this phase. In the home front, you can ask your spouse to help you in your household chores, look after your elder kid and take you out for shopping. He is sure to comply with all your whims and fancies.  Also, remember to get yourself pampered in a salon with a good mani-pedi session or a massage and buy some awesome stretchable dresses for yourself. Join an ante-natal class and get few good friends with whom you can share your pregnancy agonies. 


3.    Your whole body starts glowing.

 The influx of pregnancy hormones and an increase in blood flow and the resulting increase in oxygen brings about lot of changes in your body. You feel more beautiful and natural than before. Your face starts secreting more oil because of which it glows. Your hair becomes dark and thick. Moreover, since the symptoms associated with pregnancy like morning sickness disappears completely during this phase, you will have enough nutrients in your body which also shows on your face. This is the time to take some beautiful pregnancy photos which you can treasure throughout your life. 


4.    Your life-changing event is not far off

It’s just a matter of months before someone starts calling you “mama”.  This very thought brings a lot of positivity in you. You start looking forward to the wonderful day when you can hold the tiny bundle of joy in your hand. Since the baby’s movement within is quite obvious in the last trimester you feel closer and attached to the baby. In fact, your spouse also feels so as he can feel each and every movement of the baby from outside. The baby develops a certain sleeping pattern which you will be able to follow and continue after the delivery. The last trimester ultrasound scan provides a detailed picture of the baby which helps in building that special bond. 


5.    You can finally start shopping for baby products

 You have been waiting all this while, impatiently, to buy those tiny dresses and mittens. The time has finally arrived for that. During this trimester, you can start preparing for the D day. Shop for baby clothes and start preparing for the baby’s nursery. You can buy a baby cot and other furniture and keep it ready. This is the time to prepare a birth plan wherein you can jot down your wishes and communicate them to the doctor and midwives later on. Keep the hospital bag ready with all the required clothes and accessories as you might require it at any time. All these preparations will bring in a lot of positivity in you. 


The third trimester of pregnancy need not be a roller coaster ride as it is made out to be. Though you might experience some physical discomfort, positive thoughts and a good support from your spouse can make this stage an awesome one.

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