Finding out that there is a baby growing inside you is an exciting development - whether it comes a surprise or expected news. Either way, it is hard to contain your delight when learning about the conception that has taken place. 

However, it is important to keep things on the down low in the beginning stages of pregnancy. The first trimester, the first three months of pregnancy, is a fragile time for the little budding cluster of cells that are forming to make a baby. While it can be tempting to spread the news like wildfire and inform everyone you know about the baby, it is a wiser idea to keep it quiet initially. 

There is a lot of pressure on both mum and the growing baby in the first trimester. Keeping things quiet can help to take away some of these pressure and save the surprise for everyone else once things are in the clear and the development is underway. 



So, just how do you keep pregnancy a secret when all you want to do is share the news around? Here are 7 tips to keeping your pregnancy a secret for the first trimester. 


Make a plan to avoid alcohol

If you’re a social drinker, your friends are likely to notice once you start turning the drinks down. You can avoid this by planning ahead and thinking of some different reasons. For instance, you can say that you’re the designated driver because you don’t want to get a cab, or that you’re saving money for a holiday. Alternatively, you can order virgin cocktails or soda water and lemon or lime to make it look like you still have an alcoholic beverage. 


Dress appropriately

Tight fitting clothes need to be ruled out in the first trimester just so that the bump doesn’t show any visible signs. Dress differently and layer loose-fitting clothing. A loose and long top over some leggings with a big, bulky scarf will help to hide the bump. In the warmer weather, go for tighter pants and a loose tank top with a light and flowy cardigan. When in doubt, wear something black as this is the most slimming colour.


Don’t be ashamed to say no

With morning sickness and fatigue hitting hard in the first trimester, it is important to lay low and not overdo it. This might mean saying no to social gatherings or events. Remember, good friends will forgive you for claiming you are too tired or sick to come out. They will be especially forgiving once they realise the true reason later on!


Don’t tell children

Whether it is your own child or friend’s children, these little humans are the last people to expect to keep a secret. Children tend to blurt things out at lightning pace, so just keep them out of the loop for a while. 


Ask for some female hygiene products

If you really want to keep your friends off the trail of a suspected pregnancy, casually ask one of them to use a tampon or pad. Nothing puts off the notion of pregnancy like keeping up with the monthly cycle. 


Join an online group

Obviously, you are excited about the pregnancy and want to share your feelings and gain some useful advice. To still express and vent the emotions that come with pregnancy, try joining an online support group or forum to pregnant women. Here you can still share stories and hear about others’ experiences, but keep your anonymity. 


Buy a journal

Creating a pregnancy journal is a really great way to detail the first stages of pregnancy in secret. This will be a wonderful keepsake to look back on and share with your friends once you come out about your pregnancy. Keeping things like the first ultrasound and doctor appointments and general feelings in the journal will help things to feel really real, but still private for the first trimester. 


Pregnancy is an exciting and overwhelming time with the first trimester being the hardest. There are many ways that you can keep your pregnancy a secret until the time is right to spread the news. Many of these ways are easy to integrate into your daily routine and will help you to really process the pregnancy even though you are ready to tell others. 


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