Fertility Diet: What to Eat When Trying to Get Pregnant


Make it Natural

The food we eat and the air we breathe is not the same as is was decades ago. Changes in pollution levels and nutritional values may be playing a bigger role than we think in humans declining natural fertility levels. Many of the worlds crops do not carry the nutrients they use to because of the consistent use of chemical substances and severe over farming the land. Vegetables and fruits are harvested before they are ripe so they can travel thousands of kilometers to be sold and not bruise or be over ripe when they reach their destination. Grown to appear perfect on the supermarket shelf,  thus the fruits cannot obtain their full nutritional value from the right lifespan on the plant. Fruits and vegetables are also gassed to speed up ripening or even cured utilizing chemical compounds to extend their shelf life. All this is done before your food reaches the supermarkets where they are sold, sitting there looking perfect, food grown for their look and longevity not taste and nutritional content.
Not only may a lack of nutrients in our fresh foods and chemicals added to our foods be playing a role in fertility problems, but so too may the air we breathe, be causing fertility issues. For most people living in big (and not so big cities) the air today is now severely polluted when compared to air quality of a hundred years ago.  


What Can We Do To Boost Fertility?

Aside from moving to the country, growing all your own fruit and vegetables and farming your own animals there are a few simple things you can change that may help boost fertility and subsequently your chances of conception, and as well as this it may help the growth of a healthy baby during your pregnancy. If you are a smoker, this is the perfect time to quit. Cadmium is toxic on cellular and systemic level and has strong negative effects on spermatogenesis which is found in the cigarettes you smoke, so stopping smoking is important for both man and women when it comes to fertility.

Start eating organically produced food. This has more nutrients compared to artificially cultivated food. These fruits and vegetables are not cured with fabricated materials to lengthen its lifespan (that is why organic food easily rots and must be eaten right away). So it is better for you nutritionally and you’re ingesting less chemicals. Regardless of buying organic or not, always wash your fresh fruit and veges to remove any chemical, germs… You may want to try an uncooked diet with the exception of meat and eggs of course. This means that you will start eating fruit salads, salads with fresh nuts and a lot of berries.
Drinking a lot of fresh filtered water is also very healthy. Water hydrates cells, it also washes away harmful bacteria and waste materials. Not to mention water can help elevate your focus, and keeps your skin gentle, supple and young-looking. Water also improves the standard of your cervical mucus which makes it more hydrated and thus far more lubricating which helps create a favorable environment for sperm.


Stress Is The Enemy

There are various ways to improve fertility from eating well and living healthy to taking supplements and and getting lots of rest. It is also important to stay positive and keep your stress levels low, be it working shorter hours, going to bed earlier, removing toxic people from your lives just as you are removing toxic chemicals from your diet. What ever it takes to lower those stress hormones, your body doesn’t’ want to concentrate of creating and nourishing 

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