How to diagnose Pregnancy the old-fashioned way


Today women can easily tell they are pregnant or not with many over the counter pregnancy kits readily available from chemists, doctor prescribed blood tests and diagnostic ultrasound imaging all making it easy to accurately confirm pregnancy. In the past, however, women had to rely on less scientific ways to determine pregnancy, some of these old fashioned pregnancy diagnosis methods are very reliable and still in use till this day. Finding out how women previously diagnosed pregnancy the old fashioned way will help you in understanding your body and the changes associated with pregnancy better.  In the past, doctors and mothers could not easily confirm pregnancy, at least until the tummy started to bulge or after the first trimester. This is a reason why fetal health was not given adequate care early on, potentially leading to many complications during and after childbirth. Early detection is important for the health of both mum and baby, ‘mums to be’ these days are definitely blessed with all the advanced methods and techniques in obstetrics.   

Physical Changes Associated With Pregnancy

·       Absence of Menstruation for at least two months: Menstruation is a reliable way to know if women are pregnant or not. Skipping one month though, may be too early to say, since some women experience irregular monthly cycles. Moreover, for older women, a lack of menstruation could either mean menopause or pregnancy.

·       Morning Sickness: To this day, nausea and vomiting is still considered a reliable way to indicate if a woman is pregnant. Obviously not all pregnant women experience morning sickness so although the presence of morning sickness can indicate pregnancy, the absence of morning sickness however can not exclude pregnancy in the presence of suspicion or other signs and symptoms.

·       Quickening: Quickening is movement that usually occurs during the second trimester. Fetal movement is one of the most reliable ways to confirm pregnancy, quickening however does not tell mothers the health of the baby, its position, or if the mother to be is carrying more than one fetus.

·       Breast Changes: Breast Changes during pregnancy is still a very usable sign of pregnancy to this day. Changes in color and size of the breast are mainly due to hormonal activity during pregnancy, however again some women will experience breast changes during different stages of their regular cycle so independently breast changes can not confirm pregnancy, but like all of the above, used in conjunction with other signs and symptoms can be considered useful and relatively accurate indications of pregnancy.


Evidence Doctors Frequently Used Prior To Blood Tests And Ultrasound Imaging


Aside from the symptoms mentioned above, there are other changes in the woman’s body and signs that can confirm pregnancy. Doctors use these changes to help confirm if a woman is pregnant.

·       Changes in the uterus: The growing fetus will cause the uterus to enlarge in as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy. Aside from enlargement, pregnancy will also cause the uterus to soften. A softer uterus can be detected as early as the 6th week of pregnancy.

·       Fetal Heartbeat: Fetal Heartbeat is another way to confirm if a woman is pregnant. Using a stethoscope, an examiner will be able to detect a separate heartbeat aside from the mother’s. Most fetal heartbeat need a “trained ear” in order to be detected. Other fetal sounds are also noticeable including blood moving in and around the uterus.

Previously ‘mums to be’ relied more on instincts and body changes to help know if they were pregnant. Now days advance technology can easily confirm pregnancy, did you know you were pregnant before you had a positive test, if so what gave it away?


*** The information contained here is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your doctor with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.

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