Principles Of Getting Into Shape After Birth

Do you want to lose weight after pregnancy? then you need to do exercises after pregnancy. Post Pregnancy Exercise / Postnatal Exercise will help you lose weight after pregnancy.

I am guessing you are not going to like what I have to say here today. Especially since I am male and obviously have no personal experience of pregnancy, labour or the subsequent stresses placed on your body as a new mum. But what I do have is years of personal experience and education to base my opinions on. So don’t shoot the messenger!

How Do I Get Into Shape After Having A Baby?

Getting into shape after having a baby for me, comes down to three main things. Consistency, intensity and self control. If you work on these three things then you will get your pre baby body back and then some!

Consistency – Elite athletes don’t get to the top of their game by dodging training and you are no different. Muscles don’t recognise holidays!
Consistency for me is the most important word in exercise. As it can be applied to, consistency regarding exercise frequency, exercise intensity and diet. If you aren’t consistent with all three of these facets of your health plan, you will be unhappy with your results.

Intensity – You don’t get fit with out breaking a sweat and you don’t get stronger without strain. Avoiding going right back to the old school, no pain, no gain . Feeling short of breath and a little bit of grimacing here and there during exercise means you are on the right track.

Self control – Prioritise. What is important to you, that bowl of sweets or looking good? It is that simple. If your answer is the former, then it is going to be a very long road back to slim. All sorts of numbers get thrown around but a common one used is, 70% of weight loss is diet. And that is why the gym is full of fat people.

Get the above three things sorted and it’s job done!


When Can I Start Exercising After Having A Baby?

So when should you start? It is never too late to start, but it can be too early. The generally accepted rule is that you should wait till 6 weeks after giving birth before increasing your exercise intensity. Following the all clear at you 6 week post natal screening you can start ramping it up. Prior to this just cut out the empty calories and combine it with some walking. Couple this with the caring for and playing with your baby that you already do and you will be surprised how good you will look after just a matter of weeks.

Nutrition Is Key - Empty calories equal anything that does not play a role in giving your body nutrients. It isn’t rocket science, cut out junk foods and soft drinks and eat fresh. There is no need to go hungry and certainly don’t starve your baby just don’t put anything in your tummy that isn’t going to help the functioning of you or your babies body. If you really struggle with temptation try writing down everything you eat each day. That way it holds you more accountable. Don’t eat it if you don’t want to write it down!

As I briefly discuss in the back pain section, the better physical condition you are in prior to falling pregnant and the better you maintain your health and fitness throughout the pregnancy, the better you will fear postnatally. What is true for preventing and dealing with back pain, also holds true for fitness and weight management. So why not get a jump start on it all, get active and eat well as soon as you begin planning to have a baby. Who knows, it might even help your chances of conception.

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