Skin vitality and health is reflected by its moisture content. Adequately hydrated skin not only keeps it fresh and shining but also prevents a lot of skin problems like itching and redness. All this is even more important for children than for the adults, because, their skin is delicate and more prone to weather changes than that of adults. In winters, dry and cool breezes encountered by children out of their homes alternating with heating indoors, and in summers the effect of exposure to sun and high temperatures results in significant dryness of their skin. However, you don’t need to worry about your child’s skin going dry. We will tell you how you can counter it well.

First of all, you need to cut short the bathing time of your baby. Research shows that long bathing times coupled with the use of routine soaps end up in stripping the natural skin oils which cause dryness of the skin. 

So what you need to do is to limit the bathing time, use a cleanser instead of soap, and dry your baby with a hypoallergenic towel made of bamboo. 

In the end, you can apply a skin moisturizer to be on the more safe side. 

Be sure to apply moisturizer immediately after you dry baby’s skin with the Animal Hooded towels so that the moisturizer seals the water loss as soon as possible. 

You must be careful when your baby comes out of the swimming pool too. Dissolved chlorine and salts in the pool water are irritants if they remain behind on the skin after having a bath; they result in the dry itchy skin which you do not want. Be sure you rinse your baby with tap water after coming out with pool, dry them up with our Animal Hooded towels and then apply the moisturizer as we told for bathing at home. 

You must also counter the dry air in your home by the use of an air humidifier in your baby’s room. 

You may have heard the term insensible water loss from the body. What is insensible water loss? It is the loss of water from the body through the lungs due to the process of breathing out and from the skin due to the process of evaporation in hot climates. It is called insensible as it is not as evident as the loss of water in diarrhea or vomiting, or through the urine. This loss is as harmful as it is insensible. To counter it, you need to keep your baby well-hydrated throughout the day and top it with a sealant like a skin moisturizer described above. 

Apart from these strategies, you must also concentrate on your baby’s clothing in extremes of weathers. In winters, your baby’s exposed parts should be covered properly with mittens or gloves and socks and cap. This will prevent dryness of their skin and also protect them from the harshness of the weather. 

It is hoped that this provides you enough guidance on how to protect your baby from dryness of skin. We also recommend you to use our hypoallergenic towels. Made of bamboo to dry your baby’s skin after bathing, head wash or hand wash. We guarantee that if you take the above-mentioned measures, you will never face the problem of your baby’s skin going dry and itchy and it will remain moisturized, well hydrated and fresh all the year along. At times, dry skin can be parts of a greater skin disorder like eczema or dermatitis. In such cases and when these home remedies do not provide relief, we strongly recommend you to see a dermatologist for proper treatment.

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