How To Be A Better Parent

We all want quick parenting tips to being a better parent! Becoming a parent is such a wonderful experience, however it is a role that comes with great responsibility. A responsibility you have to both your child and the world which they live in, the buck stops with you! As parents you are the most significant person of influence in their life, and therefore how your child turns out is largely down to you. As a parent you owe it to them, and the rest of the world to do your very best in raising your child, from a completely dependent baby to a socially functioning independent adult. Helping mold them into an adult who has a positive not negative impact on all those around them and ultimately the world they will be living in once you are no longer there to guide them. For me the most important feature of being a parent, more important than anything else is to make your child feel that they are loved. It is pretty simple really, you don’t have to be paranoid about becoming the perfect parent, there are just a few basic rules to follow, here are some tips to get you started on how to be a better parent.

Quick Parenting Tips To Being A Better Parent

• Express your love and affection. Show affection to your kids, let them know that no matter what happens you will still accept them for who they are. Little hugs and kisses and cuddle will make them feel they are loved.

• Praise your children. Do not compare your child to other kids or their siblings. No two people are the same, comparing them to others will lower their self-esteem. Teach them to accept their own weaknesses and strengths.

• Evade Criticism. Emphasize behavior, it should not be your kids with whom you get mad, it must be the behavior they have shown. Do not humiliate them by publicly scolding, choose a time and place where you can talk to your kids regarding their behavior, try not to act in the heat of the moment you too can be irrational when angry.

• Take the time to listen to them. Be part of your kids’ life, make sure you set aside time to talk about matters affecting them and what’s going on in their life.

• Be firm. Impose regulations, kids need boundaries, when imposing or enforcing rules control your temper just as you should when giving punishments, don’t let it become personal. Let your child understand the reason behind the rules and their punishment, let them learn the consequences of their own actions.

• Set an example. Kids notice everything, as parent you are your kids’ first role model. Beware of what you say or do and remember to listen to them, so that they will listen to you. This includes removing bad habits such as smoking and drinking, not only is allowing your child to see you indulge in these habits being a bad role model, but it may also affect your child’s’ health.

• Make them feel safe. Make them feel a part of something, give them sense of belonging.

• Respect their boundaries. Being a parent doesn’t mean you can invade their privacy, threat them as you would like to be treated and respected.

• Do not argue in front of your kids. Kids feel insecure and fearful when they see their parents arguing and shouting in front of them.



• Avoid rescuing them. You do not need to be their superhero every time they need help or problems solved, growth is about learning from mistakes and this can’t be done if they have someone solve every issue they have for them. That teaches them nothing other than if something isn’t working then someone else will take care of it, this is not how the real world works. Allow your kids to experience life as it is in the big bad world, do not run their lives, allow them to make decisions and learn from the outcomes of the decisions and choices they make.

• Set order, Set limits in what they are doing. Encourage responsibility by giving tasks and jobs, set punishments and or rewards for completion or failure to complete the tasks, this is also how the world works.

• Spend quality time with your kids. Every child is different and has specific needs, make sure to attend to each of your children as individuals by giving special time to each and all of your children. Talk with them constantly and encourage them to be open with you about their thoughts and feelings.

The bottom line is, you should not be afraid to be a parent. Being a parent is not about being your child’s friend, you can play with them and spend quality time with them as a friend but never loose sight of who you are to your child, ultimately you are their parent and they need to respect you as such. Getting respect as a parent is difficult if you try to be their friend first and parent second. Remember being a parent does not stop when your kids’ finish school, it’s a lifelong job which like any job requires constant development of skills and knowledge, life as a parent is a learning process for you as well as your child. However make sure you don’t let it feel like a job, appreciate and seize each moment you have with your kids. Being a parent is the most beautiful gift you will ever get and a gift that keeps on giving for all the years to come.



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