Pregnancy Back Pain


Are you getting pregnancy back pain?

Is this lower back pain in pregnancy? Back Pain Management can prevent & reduce pain through your pregnancy

Statistically over a half of women will experience back pain during their pregnancy. There are a number of reasons, which I will briefly discuss below, why pregnancy back pain is so prevalent in women during this time. However worth noting, is that generally women are at greater risk of suffering pregnancy back pain if they had back pain prior to becoming pregnant or are overweight.

Some pregnancy back pain is simply pain related to causes, no different to what the general population experiences. However some pregnancy back pain experienced is specific, due to changes occurring that relate exclusively to the pregnancy.

Who Should I See For Pregnancy Back Pain?

Appropriate assessment by an experienced physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath will help you diagnose the reasons behind your pain (be it normal mechanical pain or pregnancy specific) and they can then, set up with you a targeted management plan to address the issues involved.

However your first port of call, prior to seeing one of the above therapists, should always be talking to your midwife or Doctor. After all they are the one who knows your situation best and can advise you based on their experiences what approach is likely to work best for your individual needs.



Pregnancy Related Back Pain

Pregnancy related causes of back pain for me are things that are beyond your control. You may be able to mitigate their impact, but are typically things that happen to most women during their pregnancy and for some women can cause them significant discomfort.

They can be simple things like morning sickness causing pain to your neck and shoulders from being bent over the toilet bowl straining.

A change to your center of gravity. As your baby grows (and therefore your tummy), your center of gravity will move forward and this will cause your posture to change. The resulting change in muscle and ligament tension in your spine will cause new pains as your body attempts to maintain this new posture.

Accompanied with this is obviously your increasing weight. Your developing self, including increasing breast size and fluid retention create additional weight and load which your back must now support.

Changes that aren’t externally obvious but most definitely can occur include. The position of the baby compressing nerves and causing back pain. As well increasing laxity of ligaments in your body. Both these issues occur later on in the pregnancy. In preparation for the baby passing thru the birth canal in your pelvis, your body releases hormones to soften ligaments allowing more movement of your pelvic bones (with the purpose of creating additional space in the pelvis during labour so the baby can pass). Your pelvis is typically a very stable structure where the joints involved don’t allow much movement, so increased laxity in this area can cause pain as extra movement starts to occur in areas typically designed not to move.

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