Ways to get back into shape after pregnancy.


Not a fan of running or going to the gym, well you’re not alone. However I like to think that there is something in the exercise world that you could enjoy. You just need to find what works for you. Joining a mothers group that meet for regular exercises after pregnancy is a great start, this helps with commitment to your regime. It is much harder to skip exercise if it means you are letting someone else down by not fronting.

What every your poison, finding the time for exercise as a new mum is difficult but it isn’t impossible. You just need to make it a priority!

Not happy with your post baby belly but love the rest of you. The bad news is, spot reducing fat loss by targeting that area for exercise sadly doesn’t work. However focusing on problem areas you may have by exercising the underlying muscles will help tone that area and can in turn help to lift and tighten any saggy spots you may have acquired. The standard spots requiring postnatal attention can include tummy, bum, thighs and chest (sagging boobs).

How To Combine Exercises After Pregancy And A Baby

Remember exercise time doesn’t have to be separate from baby time.

For cardio dancing, walking and running with your baby are all good forms of cardiovascular exercise that can help with weight management. But remember to take time to tone too. The more muscle mass you have the easier your body burns off the fat. So use your little one as resistance and let them help you tone your problem spots.

For your Bum and thighs put your little one in the ‘baby bjorn’ and start climbing those stairs. Squats, lunges and step ups are all great exercises to get these muscles working. Doing squats or lunges with your baby strapped to your chest and going up and down the stairwell is a great start for toning your bum and thighs without building bulk. You can hold your baby if it feels safe to do so and you want to give your arms a bit of a blast too. Put a toy at the top and bottom of the stairwell for them to play with when your are catching your breath or give them a kiss or a different funny face every time you come up from your squat or lunge. If you are lucky all the movement your doing will simply put them to sleep.

For your chest try lying them on their back and doing push ups over top of them, giving them a kiss or a raspberry each time you lower down. Or vice versa, lying on your back holding your baby, push them up and and down to the sky playing aeroplanes and give them a smooch when they get back to your face.

For your abdominals have baby lying face up underneath you and see how long you can hold the plank on your elbows or with straight arms over top of them. As you get stronger in the chest and abdominals you can go from your elbows to hands repeatedly holding the same position over top of your baby, while they try and grab at your face or hanging necklace.

Be inventive, these are just some basic options to give you an idea and get you started. Using variations of similar exercises there is no right or wrong, just put you and your baby to work and start heading down the road to firmness.  

Quick Tips For Exercises After Pregnancy

Don’t weight yourself incessantly, more than likely it will be depressing. Instead, focus on how you are feeling and your increasing energy levels. Check in with the scales every week max (if at all).

If you’re breastfeeding, express or feed your baby prior to exercise as moving around with full breasts can be uncomfortable. Wearing extra support may also be a good idea to reduce any excessive movement of your breasts which could cause issues with both pain and accelerate sagging.

Don’t give up. Of course there will be days you don’t want to do anything, it isn’t just new mums that have those days. However, exercising can be the energy boost that you need each day and increase your overall energy levels. Not to mention, there is good evidence to support exercise as an alternative treatment to reduce the risk or symptoms of post natal depression.

If you are still not sure where to start, struggling with ideas to keep it varied and interesting or think your technique could do with a bit of tweaking, a couple of sessions with a suitably qualified personal trainer should be enough to get you on track. Most trainers would be happy to come to your home, if you think in home exercising is the best option for your compliance. In doing so they can get a good idea of your environment and what you have to work with to create a few fun workouts you can squeeze into your week.



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