Reasons to love and hate Pregnancy


Congratulations, and welcome to the club of being a mother, you are carrying a little life inside your womb.  Some people may find pregnancy a gruelling experience due to morning sickness, the emotional roller-coaster ride, substantial body image and comfort changes, oh yeah and that little thing called labor. It may be gruelling in some ways but there are many many things to love about pregnancy, having that opportunity to be a bigger part of that ‘circle of life’ is an absolute honour and a gift. The moment you know there is a life inside your tummy, is the moment you will surely begin to love the joy of motherhood.  


The negatives of Pregnancy

• During this period you may experience a multitude of ups and downs with your emotions, despite all this emotional turmoil by the end it all you will see it was worth every second.

• Food cravings.  Food cravings aren’t something all ‘mums to be’ experience but certainly are a normal feature for many mums in their pregnancy journey. It doesn’t have to always be unhealthy or crazy cravings like pickled onions and gherkins, reverse cravings may occur too. A previous addiction to chocolate may be all but absent during your pregnancy and could well be replaced with something healthy like mango’s or strawberries. These food cravings can start as early as the day of conception and may last through till the last day of your pregnancy.

• Hormonal changes. These hormonal changes may be noticeable in your skin, bringing with it acne, rashes, and skin tags. Hormonal changes are also responsible for that beautiful and well known radiant glow associated with pregnancy. You may also notice your nipples getting darker due to excess melanin, which may also cause a dark line through your belly. After birth your hormones will be back to normal, so don’t worry too much, these changes will all be over.

• Increased weight. Your size, shape and weight will definitely change during pregnancy. Some women gain as much as 20kg during their pregnancy. This weight can be difficult to shift and a lot of women have issues with the lower belly region returning to normal after being stretched so far. But with some recommended exercise and diet most women can get back in shape surprising quickly.

• Sex life. Some women experience a stronger sex drive during pregnancy, this can be because of the increased blood flow to the pelvic region. In fact, having sex up until the day you give birth can be both a good way to release stress and possibly induce labor.


The Positives Of Pregnancy

• Pregnancy brings attention.  You will get to be the center of everyone’s attention and  be on the receiving end of extra care from people around you, from loved ones to total strangers.  You will at the very least get lots of smiles from complete strangers. Everyone loves a pregnant women.

• Pregnancy means shopping.  You have a valid reason to shop for new clothes, treat yourself with a guilt-free shopping spree.  If you don’t like shopping for yourself then, I’m sure you will love shopping to deck out the nursery, or buying that first tiny dress or mini T-shirt as you build a cute baby wardrobe.

• Guilt-Free Eating, well, you have to feed the baby.  No need to feel bad about going back for seconds, you don’t want to make your baby hungry.  So enjoy 9 months of not worrying about any of your squishy bits.

• Pamper yourself, enjoy nana-naps and long bubble baths.  This is the time when people not only allow, but actively encourage you to take all the rest you want.  Grab the opportunity with both hands.

• Make new friends.   Talking about your experiences of pregnancy or being a mother is something all mums love to talk about.  Enjoy sharing your own, and listening to other people’s experiences, this will help you realise you are not alone with what you are going through.  You can learn a lot from sharing your experiences with other mothers, these mums or pregnant women can not only be a source of strength during your journey but become life long friends.

• Pregnancy means experiencing the greatest love life can bring.  This time it is not all about romantic love that prevails,  it is the love growing between mother and baby.  No bond is greater than that bond between mother and baby.

Being pregnant changes your perception of what is important in life, you will learn to appreciate your mother more as you go through the process of becoming a mum yourself.  You may capture other people’s attention with your beautiful belly, but within yourself, your baby is the center of your attention, as the bond with your unborn baby grows day by day.

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