Bathing is a necessary part of life in the 21st Century. It is a social faux pas to show up to appear in public smelling anything less than clean and fresh. The same goes for your baby. Since you now have a baby you’re responsible for keeping them clean and eventually one day, teaching them how to bathe on their own. 

Here are a couple of bath time tips: 

•    Keep the bath warm, but not too hot. It’s pretty easy to tell if the water is too hot, but as a rule of thumb aim for the water to be 37 to 38 Celsius. 

•    What type of bath products are you going to use? Choose gentle, chemical free and all-natural products whenever possible! Even when it comes to baby bath towels. Towels that are made with organic bamboo are great for your baby's skin, they’re also hypoallergenic, more absorbent and eco-friendly. Baby skin can be very sensitive. It’s important to expose them to the least amount of chemicals possible, even when it comes to fabrics that will be touching their skin. 

•    Choose what time you are going to bathe your baby. Many health-care professionals recommend that you should bathe your baby when they are happy, not overtired or hungry, to ensure that they don’t begin to associate bath time with a negative connotation. However, an upset baby is often soothed by the sound of running water and a warm bath. These feelings remind them of the womb and safety. So there really is no “right” time to bathe a child, as you get to know your baby, you’ll discover what works for him or her. A bath can often be very relaxing for your baby, you might find that bathing them right before bed, makes it easier for them to fall asleep. 

•    How often should I bathe my baby? Well, as the parent it’s ultimately up to you. Bathing a baby every day can dry out their skin. Bathing your baby several times a week should be all that is necessary to keep your baby clean.

•    Choose how you are going to wash your baby. Are you going to place them in the bath, or in a smaller bath designed especially for infants? Placing your newborn in a baby bath will keep them warmer and provide support and comfort until they are able to sit up on their own. Alternately you can bathe your baby in the sink. You can also choose to bathe with your baby if you prefer. In India, a baby is usually washed by being laid on the outstretched legs of an adult who is sitting in the bath.  This method of bathing, not only provides the baby with valuable skin-to-skin contact, but helps keep the baby warm and provides a comfortable place for the baby to lie. You might find that with this method you need the help of an extra adult to get the baby safely out of the bath. 

•    Bathing customs. Many cultures have traditional ways of bathing their infants. Some of which could be considered beneficial, even in this day in age. Several cultures in both Africa and Asia incorporate massage and stretching into bath time. Massage is said to aid in relaxation and bowel movements. The stretching can help strengthen and tone their muscles. The bath is an ideal time to do this since they are already in a warm and relaxing environment. 

There are a lot of right ways to give your baby a bath, really the only wrong way to give your baby a bath is to leave them unattended or in an unsafe bath situation. Bath time is usually a positive interaction between parent and child—something to look forward to and a good way to bond with your baby.

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