Top best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2019


Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts For Newborns 2019

Newborn shopping can be so much fun especially when the clothes are just so gorgeous and tiny. Their is one thing for sure and that is you get so many baby clothes either at a baby shower or in hospital. If you are thinking of getting that special friend something they will need and will find useful for a baby shower gift, then here is a list of things every mum needs, wants, or later figures out they wish they had to make live easier.

·       Animal hooded bath towels. Towels are a necessity. Whether for bathing your baby or headed for a swim. You’re going to want to choose a towel that dries well but is gentle and non-toxic for soft baby skin. Mi Baloo offers the cutest Animal bath towels for newborns, you can select your favourite from the Farm or Jungle Collection. This hooded towels are great at bringing laughter to bath time while making it easier. Perfect for an Instagram mum.


Animal hooded Towel from Mi Baloo. The perfect baby shower Gift!


·       Sexy underwear ( as I’m sure it’s a long time since she fitted into a something sexy)

·       Frames you can get with the hand and foot prints in them (once bub is born)

·       Baby coat hangers

·       baby thermometer, baby nail clippers and a little comb/brush set all wrapped up in a little basket lined with lots of white cloth handtowels (used for everything), hand cream

·       Breastfeeding cover for feeding in public, nipple cream for sore nipples, forget the cabbages & get her breast ease cooling pads, breast feeding pads for leakages

·       Voucher to get professional photos of her belly

·       nappies

·       Belly casting kit

·       Tomy night light lullaby projector

·       Little pack of face washers, they are really thin for burping baby & to stop food from going everywhere (12 pack at Big W and KMart (baby section)

·       Voucher for a photographer to get a family photo done once bubs is born

·       Pregnancy massage, manicure or pedicure

·       Gift Basket idea 1: Variety of sizes of onesies, Variety of sizes of bonds white singlets (that’s all babies really where for the first few months)

·       Gift Basket idea 2: bepanthen, infant’s friend, brauers sample size remedies (teething), organic baby moisturiser and baby massage oil, lanosil nipple cream (FANTASTIC stuff!!), nipple shields, wipes, face wipes, portable sanitiser cream, lip balm, some fizzing bath bombs, packet of tim tams and even a pack of maternity pads.

·       Gift Basket idea 3: nail clippers, dummy chain thing, face washers, bibs, muslin wrap, baby on board sign for the car, lanolin cream, formula divider container, travel wipes, travel sized aquim gel

·       Small shower gel & lotion for mum for the hospital

·       If you end up buying gorgeous clothes you just can’t resist, get a size 00 or bigger because everyone buys the teeny tiny cute clothes and you never know the babies size.


We hope you have find useful our list with the top best ideas for baby shower gifts for 2019!

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