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Best Pregnancy Apps To Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Are you looking for the best pregnancy apps for your first pregnancy? Seriously, there are apps for everything in our lives these days. Several applications are launched to help and take care of pregnant ladies. It is very important for pregnant ladies to take care of everything in their day-to-day routine, right from safety rules and de-stressing ways to eating right nutritious food to workouts. Below are few apps that are specially launched for pregnant women.


1. Pregnancy app

This app provides complete list of pregnancy symptoms right from bodily changes and food cravings to weight gain and other symptoms. It also notifies about weekly changes that should take place as the pregnancy advances.


2. Good Food Magazine

Good food magazine is the most helpful pregnancy app one can have during pregnancy. Many pregnant women don’t want to stay long in the kitchen cooking for long yet crave to eat delicious dishes; this app comes handy for those pregnant women who want to cook delicious meals without any stress.


3. BabyBump Free

This app helps pregnant women to keep track of weekly and monthly changes during pregnancy. One can store information on daily, weekly or monthly basis using this app which can include baby development photos.  


4. BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today

BabyCenter My pregnancy today app comes from the most reputed and respected authorities which helps to keep track of your pregnancy each day which include your body changes, fetal development , pregnancy videos , checklist and nutrition guide.


5. Pregnancy Tracker – What to Expect

Pregnancy tracker from what to expect helps pregnant ladies in keeping track of various bodily changes, various changes in fetus on weekly basis and its growth and development. It also provides updates on step-by-step bodily changes one can expect during pregnancy.


6. Pregnancy Buzz by the Bump

Every pregnant woman is excited about various stages of pregnancy and wants to keep themselves updates on the various physical changes they undergo to ensure arrival healthy baby. This app provides pregnant women with tips and advice on food, prenatal visits and many other pregnancy related things.Infact it keeps expectant Moms updated on each and everything related to pregnancy.


7. Pregnancy and Baby Development

Pregnancy and baby development is the best and most useful app that expectant moms should have. It helps pregnant women to keep track of baby’s development and growth right from conception till the end of first year. This application features quality baby videos, commentary from reputed doctors and provides updates on many other pregnancy related things. It also gives you access to useful tools like conception calendar, popular baby names database and due date calendar.


8. Pregnancy Tracker (Free from itunes)

Pregnancy tracker free is a free app for iPhone that help pregnant women in keeping track of pregnancy related changes right from conception till delivery. It automatically calculates due date for delivery based on the given last menstrual period date. It helps you to record your weight gain and waist size periodically for you to notice the gradual physical change you are undergoing during pregnancy. The app can help in recording feeling, emotions and doctor visit dates.


9. Fertility Friend Mobile (Free from iTunes)

Fertility Friend Mobile is a menstrual calendar, a period tracker, an ovulation chart and a fertility chart interpretation tool.
Color coded fertility calendar: Your period, fertile days, ovulation and Cycle Statistics. Benefit from accurate ovulation prediction, detection and an extensive set of features on the web site.
Full data entry including Temperature, cervical fluid, your custom symptoms, meds, default data and much more. Offline data entry and review when Internet access is not available.


10. The Children’s Panadol app (Free from iTunes)

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. The Children’s Panadol® app helps you in three key ways: breastfeeding, soothing and monitor panadol dosage. Great for teething and those high temperature moments for babies.
Breastfeeding Tracker- Keep abreast of your breastfeeding. Our easy-to-use Breastfeeding Tracker lets you record a feeding session with just one tap. Afterward, it’s easy to view your last feeding session time, date and complete feeding history. Best of all, it remembers which side you used last – so you don’t have to.
Baby Soother- From the gentle pastoral melodies of Beethoven to the comforting symphonies of Bach, we have hand-picked several lullabies to help set your baby off to sleep.
Dosage calculator- This feature helps you safely confirm the correct dosage requirements for your child. Simply enter your child’s age and weight and our Dosage Calculator will give you the right advice to help you treat your little one.


11. Contraction timer/contraction timer deluxe ($0.99 from iTunes)

This is a free app that tracks the time and duration of each contraction and even plots them on graphical charts – something that may or may not be useful in the throws of labour. Still, it is popular with patients, according to midwife Polly Rhydderch, who says it helps women to recognise the first signs of true labour and to keep calm through its initial stages.


12. m Pregnancy ($2.99 from iTunes)

“mPregnancy – for Men” is the first iPhone pregnancy application targeted towards men with a pregnant partner. Are you a woman who has a hard time making your partner read pregnancy books? Get this application for him. mPregnancy contains useful facts for men during pregnancy, not only about the baby but also about what is going on with your partner and yourself, and how you can make the pregnancy a pleasant experience. It contains great illustrations of how the baby develops and describes the size in terms that men understand, e.g. similar to the size of a football, or a bottle of beer. Further, it contains a useful section with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which among other things lists foods that are not safe to eat during pregnancy. The application not only keeps track of the baby’s gestational age, trimester and days left of pregnancy, but it also explains all the weird counting tricks that are used during pregnancy, e.g. how the age of the fetus starts counting even before conception!



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