Pregnancy is a life-changing event on just about every front possible. From your morning routine to how your body looks and feels, having a child grow inside of you is something that has irrevocable changes. Of course, these changes are welcomed with excitement and anticipation. Nonetheless, there they are changes you ought to prepare yourself for. 

Amongst the list of many things that go awry while carrying a child, you need to be emotionally and physically prepared for the impact it will have on your relationship. If you are in a steady, ongoing relationship, of you and your partner will be experiencing a whole myriad of emotions. 

Although love and consistency remain in a relationship when there is a growing baby in the mix, it can be harder to keep things physically passionate. This isn’t a reflection on how “good” things are in the relationship, rather it is a sign that priorities are changing and romantic time in the bedroom is slipping down the list. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep the romance alive between you and your partner while carrying a baby. Despite the emotional rollercoaster and physical confusion of bodily changes, the underlying love is enough to suffice. Here are some top tips to keep things happy and healthy between you and your partner between the sheets. 


Schedule it in

It can seem like the total antidote to romance having to write it down on a schedule, but reality is that you are both extremely busy and there are many things on your minds. Setting aside a time for you and your partner to indulge in your feelings for one another is really important. “Date night” can be productive and heartfelt, it doesn’t have to be a chore.


Mix business and pleasure

What you and your partner might find is that you’re spending a lot of time together, but not on “fun” stuff. Yes, there are ample more trips to the baby store, grocery shopping, and making lists in preparation for the baby’s arrival. These are things that have to be done, but they can also be done in an enjoyable way. Keep the spark alive by making jokes when shopping together, holding hands in the store, or following up a shopping expedition with a movie or a walk in the park. 


Make texting sexy

So, one of the main forms of communication between couples is texting. When there is a baby on the way and organisation is key, sending messages back and forth about different appointments or things you need dominates. Why add a little spice to some of these messages and after all the appointment reminders and to-do lists are discussed, send a little cheeky message to remind your partner that you still find them attractive and desirable. 


Communication is key

Obviously, at any stage of a relationship, communication is beyond essential. It is vital that you and your partner talk, and talk in a meaningful way. There are so many things to discuss when a baby is going to join the family, from the big things such as how you are both feeling emotionally to the smaller things such as what colour jumpsuit to buy the baby. Having open communication will set perfect parameters for once the baby is here as well, so it is never too soon to start talking openly. 


Don’t fear sex

Many couples tend to put off their intimacy when pregnant for many reasons, but fear tends to be one of the biggest ones. For women carrying the baby, emotional body issues can dominate and they can fear that their partner will find them repulsive. For the partner not carrying the baby, they can fear that they will hurt their partner or the baby by having sex. These fears are relevant, of course, but they can be thwarted with open communication. If you are healthy and having a low-risk pregnancy (consult your doctor), sex won’t be harmful to the baby. To make sure you don’t experience any pain, stretch your body and try low-key positions. Your partner will certainly understand.



There are many things that seem to get in the way of couples kindling the spark in their romance during pregnancy. Certainly, life becomes more busy and hectic, but the underlying love and connection between you and your partner is enough to overcome these hurdles. Having a healthy, loving, and communicative romantic relationship is crucial during pregnancy and after the baby arrives. Don’t forget to love your love as much as you will love the baby on the way.

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