BLANCA The White Bunny Hooded Bath Towel & Mitt (Unisex)

BLANCA The White Bunny Hooded Bath Towel & Mitt (Unisex)


In Mi Baloo we believe every moment is a perfect opportunity to bond with your baby. We bring you this super cute hooded towel made with 80% BAMBOO - 20% cotton and 100% love to share and enjoy bath time like never before. Enjoy! 


      • Material: 80% Bamboo 20% Cotton

      • Care instructions: Machine wash cold with gentle detergent; tumble dry warm

      • Avoid fabric softeners, dryer sheets, bleaching agents, household cleaning products, personal care products that contain peroxide, and laundry detergents containing harsh optical brighteners.

      • Perfect for bath time and pool.

      • White bunny design. Mitten included


  • Baby Hooded Towel: 110 cm x 65 cm (ideal for newborns up to 12 months)

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